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Athena  Thu May 31 09:38pm
Hello everybody, this is my site and I broke up with Jeff Hoffman and noe he thinks he can try and take this site from me, I will keep it. Thank you Athena Weaver
  Wed Jun 06 09:05am
you are some disgusting woman
Athena  Fri Jun 08 07:09pm
No, just making it known that this is my site. So thertes no confusion.
Athena  Fri Jun 08 07:11pm
Sorry who ever you are. But he was the wed designer ok
Athena  Fri Jun 08 07:17pm
Plus how am I disgusting, when I agreed to slitbit with him
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Katherine Bruce  Sun May 27 12:47pm
Active woman, looking for companionship. I enjoy trivia and karaoke!!
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Kathy Brown  Sun May 27 11:31am
I am widowed 10 years after 50 years of marriage. looking for a long term relationship. Just a plain simple down to earth woman looking for love and companion to enjoy what life I have left on this earthy
Kathy Brown  Sun May 27 11:32am
looking for a man 65 to 73 years of age and at least 6 ft tall
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Elizabeth  Sun May 27 09:14am
Looking for that last love in my life. Hope I find him.
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anavieira  Fri May 25 05:10pm
What exactly is this site all about?
Jeff  Fri May 25 05:52pm
Hi anavieira, the site is a Social site with a Dating Section for those that want to use it. It will work the same way as most Social/Dating sites but with no scammers, spammers, fakes or annoying advertising. We are currently working on adding the features for the site and there is also a Suggestions link in the Fun Stuff box at the left. We take Member feedback very seriously and want to make this the most fun and enjoyable site on the Internet and the best way to do that is to listen to the Members and try to make the site the way they want it
Jeff  Sun Jun 03 01:31pm
good god we get it your site
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Smokey12  Fri May 25 12:15pm
I find this site very hypnotizing
Jeff  Fri May 25 11:58am
How was it hypnotizing? Whatever it is we want to make sure we do lots of it
pamelab4  Fri May 25 12:09pm
I like the colors, very relaxing. And the site is easy to understand. And best of all no scammers or spammers!
Smokey12  Fri May 25 12:15pm
This is much better than yourit sorry Jeff lol
Jeff  Fri May 25 12:45pm
Don`t be sorry Smokey. I didn`t have any motivation when I did You`re IT! and it sucked but now I do, lol
Reply To:  Thu May 24 03:29pm
Will there be games?
Jeff  Thu May 24 03:29pm
Yes. the Boss (Athena) told her Programmer (Me) there WILL be games, lol.
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Robert Hohenberger  Tue Apr 24 02:50pm
Hi Jeff and Athena. The site looks great, you guys are doing a terrific job
22111991  Sun May 27 09:07pm
The new page looks good, but I have to get used to it
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